Calpine in the Community

Calpine's core business is the generation of electricity, a vital product that sustains our economy and quality of life. Calpine appreciates the trust that communities place in the company to produce a safe, clean and reliable product to power homes and businesses. In addition to focusing on business goals, Calpine is committed to being a welcome member of every community where it has power plants, offices or other facilities. Calpine has had a long history of partnering with community organizations, as well as funding community and educational programs that seek to change lives and strengthen the fabric of our society. The company also supports the generous volunteerism of our employees and encourages them to take active roles in their communities, to make them even better places to live and work.

Employee Volunteerism

Calpine encourages all employees to find out how they can make a significant difference in the communities where they live and work. Hundreds of Calpine employees already demonstrate this spirit of caring by giving back through a variety of individual activities.

At The Geysers, Calpine employees can be seen coaching local sports teams, volunteering with nonprofit groups and participating in vital local fundraising events such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Lake County Pride Foundation, Sober Grad, Special Olympics and many local civic groups and nonprofits such as local Rotarian and Lion’s Clubs, Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation, Climate Protection Campaign and LandPaths. Calpine also supports our area’s local Chamber groups and consistently sponsors many worthy events as featured in our regular community newsletter.